Service Plans

Sprint Services Oil Protection Plan


What is Covered?

Our oil boiler protection plan covers the following:


•Your oil boiler

•Oil boiler controls

•Central heating system


•Pipe work

Plus an annual oil boiler service with 15 point check and service certificate.


Annual Oil Boiler Service

Incorporated in the protection plan is an annual oil boiler service and safety check, which includes a full 15 point check and service certificate. This will keep your oil boiler running safely and efficiently for longer, saving you money on your energy bills.

Our service and 15 point check for oil boilers

includes servicing and safety tests for:


•Storage Tank

•Supply System

•Air Supply


•Electrical Safety

•Heat Exchanger

•Combustion Chamber

•Pressure Jet Burner

•Vaporising and Wallflame Burner

•Additional Wallflame Burner

•Appliance Safety Controls

•Vacuum and Pressure


•Hot Water System

•Warm Air System


The oil nozzle will also be replaced. The oil nozzle regulates how much oil passes to the burner and as it wears out over time it reduces boiler efficiency. If it is not replaced regularly the efficiency of the heat exchanger can be affected due to an excess of fuel passing to the burner.